Episódio piloto realizado inteiramente pela Veranito.

1" – 1.85:1 – 24fps – 12bits – 48kHz – 4K
This is the first episode! The series will have nine more! "Once there was a boy who wore a yellow mask. Some viruses would try to penetrate the mask at any cost!"

Camila Maciel is a scientist that dedicates her carrier to develop creative strategies in Health Education for kids. She is an Endocrinologist, Ph.D. in Cardiology, Post Doctorate in Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine. She was a visiting researcher at Boston University (2017), Harvard Medical School (2018-2019), and Institute for Medical Engineering and Science at MIT (2020).

Idealization: Camila Maciel de Oliveira
Executive Production: Reynaldo Marchesini
Production and coordination: Nana Lahóz
Script / Screenplay - Emily Hozokawa
Direction, Art Direction and Animation - Gabriel Bitar
Edition: Gabriel Bitar and Nana Lahóz
Rights holder: Criatividade X/ Health and Fun
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